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Medical Cannabis Treatment

Don’t Put Your Best Life on Hold: Enjoy the Things You Love to Do Again

Cannabis helps power and regulate our patient’s endo-cannabinoid system. Patients who use medical cannabis report improved mood, more restorative sleep, higher energy levels during the day, less pain and need for opioid use in chronic pain patients, and an improved general sense of well-being and mental health.

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Don’t let pain hold you back; enjoy Cannabis treatments and get your life back! Cannabis has been found to boost immune function, increase libido, promote creativity & mental focus, and much more. Cannabis has also been found to be a life saver for patients who have been unsuccessful with various depression medications. For patients seeking stability, grounding, and improved mood, cannabis just may be the key. It is incredibly rewarding to witness our patients emerge from the dark, lonely cave of mental health suffering, with light in their eyes, holding their head high, and as the best version of themselves.

We have also helped thousands of Utah patients eliminate opioid use to treat pain or chronic medical conditions. Cannabis also works with pain medication if the condition cannot be managed without it, overall reducing the quantity of opiates needed.

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Become a new patient or sign up for our Medical Cannabis Card Subscription Program to enjoy all the benefits and perks of medical marijuana.

For just $29.99 per month or $220 a year for new patients with a 1 year medical cannabis card, begin using medical marijuana here in Utah. Enjoy up to 4 oz of flower and 20 grams of concentrate or edibles allowed on your person at any time. Medical Marijuana Card patients enjoy improved health, legal protection, medical guidance, discounts, ordering help, and continued support from our doctors. We make it easy to apply and get a consultation for your medical marijuana card, providing both in-person and tele-med visit options.

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