Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Have you had more difficulty in the bedroom or experiencing decreased desire? Have you had decreased motivation or constant fatigue? These and many other symptoms can be the result of a very common condition of low testosterone. Empathetix can help you improve your symptoms with a tailored testosterone replacement plan so you can start feeling better today! 

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

  • Fatigue/low energy
  • Decreased motivation
  • Poor sleep
  • Weight gain
  • Belly fat
  • Low libido or sex drive
  • Softer erections/Less morning erections
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Poor memory/concentration
  • Muscle loss/decreased strength
  • Decreased body hair

What Does Testosterone Therapy Look Like?

  • Different forms of testosterone are available, but injectable is the safest and most effective route.
  • One or two weekly injections depending on tolerability
  • Lab work a few times a year to monitor blood levels
  • Along with Testosterone, you may receive an estrogen blocker and HCG
  • Can be paired nicely with Peptide therapy as well

Why Are Other Medications Needed with Testosterone Treatment?

  • Some testosterone is converted into estrogen and while it is normal for men to have estrogen, the amount needs to be monitored and in some cases regulated with medications
  • Another medication, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), is used to help your body continue producing its natural testosterone along with helping to maintain your testicular size

Health Risks of Having Low Testosterone

  • Cardiovascular Health
    • High blood pressure
    • Stiff arteries
    • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes
    • Increase susceptibility to diabetes later in life
    • Men with diabetes have higher chance of low testosterone
  • Obesity
    • Men with higher body fat tend to have low testosterone
    • When men have low testosterone they put on body fat easier
  • Aging
    • Hormone levels decrease with age increasing risks of illness and other disease
    • Testosterone is vital for health muscle/bones

Personalized for Each Patient

  • Dosing/Treatment plan is individualized
  • Closely monitored by trained medical professionals
  • Ability to adjust dosing so you are not over/under treated

Next Steps

  1. Schedule your free consultation
  2. Initial in-person visit to discuss options/goals along with first blood test
  3. Get your results and we will let you know next steps for treatment
  4. Either inject yourself at home or come in for injections
  5. Start feeling like your younger self!